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Ellie Marsden, a rather boring, ordinary student, has just transferred to a new highschool because of her brother's job hunt. While she tries to live out her anonymous high school life, she manages to attract the attention of a part of the most idolized members of the student body called "The Untouchables", who are currently split into two warring fractions. Once given this attention, she finds her highschool career go on an emotional rollercoaster that she isn't prepared for.

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Chapter 1 page 15
Chapter 1 page 15

A Little vacation <3

Yes, I'm going on a trip to Disney for a week, so there won't be any new posts until I get back. Don't worry though! I shall bring my tablet with me and draw posts on my mom's laptop. If you're saying, "Wait, then why don't you just post them on there?", then my answer is because I won't have an available internet..... Yeah.

So, sorry, but I hope you'll anticipate the upcoming installments!

Have a good summer :3

Hey, Guess What Everyone!

I have a new Tablet! <3 So after the first chapter, be expecting some not-so-messy pages! <3

I'm sorry, but I don't feel like re-drawing the first chapter just because I have a tablet. Plus, they're not *that* messy to begin with... okay, total lie, but still. Please bear with the questionable art until chapter two! You won't be disappointed! <3

Thanks you guys <3

Man oh man...

Wooo, disregarding the fact that I haven't uploaded much, I'd say I'm not doing too terribly. Right now, I have chapter one completed, and I'm working on chapter two. However, not all of it is on my computer... XD;; Anywhose, I plan on getting a lot more uploaded and whatnot once I'm out of school. Dang, summer's just two days from now! I can taste freedom... ;A;

Well, I hope you look forward to more! <3

First Day

Hey everyone! The first day of actual postage! I'm excited =P Well, I hope everyone enjoys this <3 and yes, it will be a bit messy... =(

Have a good day, everyone! <3

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